Style: Contemporary , Abstract


Mediums : Acrylic/ Oil on Canvas 


Ruthina's work is primarily the result of her passion to paint. It is both a challenge and an outlet as she defines her work as an opportunity to express an emotional reaction.

As a teenager she was alway fascinated and influenced by the complexities and diversity of female imagery, often sketching/painting for hours trying to capture and express her visual interpretation of feminine energy. This currently influences her style to date; as the vast majority of her work now explores and celebrates female imagery, sexuality and empowerment.

She gains inspiration from many sources, responding to the surrounding environment and using everyday experiences as a starting point.  Ruthina is also inspired by a variety of artist from mixed genres such as Music, Film and Photography.  

Ruthina’s ongoing search for creative freedom of expression and passion in life inspires and informs her work. The result is personal, socially relevant and sincere.